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'Girls Rock Austin': A different take on summer camp


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Hari Sreenivasan: Spoon didn't just spend their summer on tour--they also made a quick stop in their hometown to meet with some young campers trying to follow in their footsteps. Newshour weekend's Christopher Booker has more.

Christopher Booker: Time spent at the Girls Rock Austin camp in Austin, Texas is time spent learning to play the drums, the keyboards and AC/DC. The week long day-camp for 8 to 17 year olds offers an A to Z education in rock n' roll...the campers are not only asked to pick up instruments, but challenged to think about the bigger questions that surround the world of music. Who are the people making music? And how can we add our voice?

Girl: He found he wasn't that bored and at all, for only $15 bucks.

Christopher Booker: Today during lunchtime the campers are getting an insider's view, with a performance by Austin's own, Spoon. After a three song set, the campers were invited to ask the band some questions.

Camper: How do you know what shows you should play?

Britt Daniel: Maybe you start with playing shows at the kind of places where the aesthetics appeal to you. If it is a place where you friends hang out, if it is a place you feel safe, that might be a good place to [play].

Christopher Booker: Britt Daniel is Spoon's lead singer.

Christopher Booker: What advice would you give to a young person that's saying, I'm thinking about really making a go of this. Would you advise them outside of the actual logistics of making a scene and things like that? Would you advise them: Yes it's a it's a viable option, or would you caution them?

Britt Daniel: I tell them to find that thing that you're obsessed with and just do it over and over again and do it because it's fun without too many other expectations. And that's how you get good.

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