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After being convinced by locals to visit Red Lake County, Minnesota, Christopher Ingraham found that he loved it.

Writer called a Minnesota county 'the worst place to live.' Then he moved there

In 2015, Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham wrote an article about an obscure U.S. Department of Agriculture list. The "Natural Amenities Scale" ranked every American county according to things like climate and scenery.

At the very bottom of the list was Red Lake County, in rural northwest Minnesota. Ingraham described Red Lake County as "the absolute worst place to live." And then comments from Minnesota readers started pouring in. (All very polite, of course, this is Minnesota, after all).

After being convinced by locals to visit Red Lake County, Ingraham found that he loved it. At the time he and his wife were stressed out and struggling with the high cost of living and long commutes that the Washington, DC, area is known for. So they decided to pick up and move their entire family to Red Lake County.

In a new book, "If You Lived Here You'd Be Home by Now," Ingraham describes his extraordinary decision and his family's new life in the land of lakes, loons and hot dish. He recently spoke to NewsHour Weekend's Megan Thompson.

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