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Beyond the Canvas: Meet 5 artists hoping to change the world

Watch Episode 3 of Season 3 of Beyond the Canvas in the player above.

In the third episode of season three of Beyond the Canvas, we feature five change-making artists. Each artist is creating work that reflects issues and conversations in the larger society.

First, Academy-award winner Riz Ahmed speaks about his recent film "Mogul Mowgli" and increasing Muslim representation in Hollywood. He remains one of few Muslims starring in major roles in film and television, and he is using his success to change the landscape.

Next, we speak with portrait photographer Jess T. Dugan. By using photography to capture themselves, their family, and their queer community, Dugan is making powerful visual statements about the lives of everyday LGBTQ+ people.

We also hear from Peyton Scott Russell, the street artist who created the now-iconic mural of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The larger-than-life depiction ensures we will always remember Floyd and his life.

Next, we turn to the Liberty Exhibit, a powerful installation in Philadelphia that is changing what we thought we knew about the American Revolution. With an emphasis on people of color, the museum works to tell a complete history by including the stories of people of color whose contributions to the period are often overlooked.

Lastly, we speak with Alexei Ratmansky and dancers and choreographers at the Miami City Ballet as they prepare an inventive production of the classic piece, "Swan Lake."

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