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Beyond the Canvas: Art is all around us

The third season of Beyond the Canvas premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m ET. Watch live in the player above.

In the season three premiere of Beyond the Canvas, we feature five creators who prove that art is not just on a stage, screen, or page. Each sees the potential for art where the everyday person may not, and their creative vision, in turn, allows us all to see the world in a different way. Hosted by PBS NewsHour Chief Correspondent Amna Nawaz, Beyond the Canvas revisits past NewsHour Canvas Arts and Culture segments.

This episode, "Art: All Around Us" highlights creators from muralists to museum curators. First, we hear from Shawn Dunwoody, who creates street art in his hometown of Rochester, New York.

Watch the complete Beyond the Canvas series.

In addition, we talk with Andy Yoder, the conceptual artist behind the exhibit "Overboard." To depict "The Great Shoe Spill of 1990," he converted trash and scrap material and waste into replicas of Nike shoes. His work speaks to themes of consumerism and climate.

We also hear from big wave surfer and subject of the documentary "Big vs. Small," Joana Andrade. Despite her talent, Andrade remains overlooked in her male-dominated sport.

Next, we speak with Dom Mullins and the all-Black mountaineering team called Full Circle Everest. This spring, the team seeks to be the first all-Black group to summit Mount Everest.

Lastly, we connect with the curators behind the exhibit "¡Pleibo!l: In the Barrios and the Big Leagues." The exhibition at Washington's Smithsonian Museum of American History tells the story of Latino baseball pioneers, who have made countless contributions to the sport.

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