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A Brief But Spectacular take on the miracle of flight


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John Yang: Derrick Fennell is an entrepreneur and author and for more than 14 years a flight attendant, many of his passengers know Derrick for his in-flight poems reflecting on his time in the skies.

Tonight, Derrick shares one of his poems, and his Brief But Spectacular take on the miracle of flight.

Derrick Fennell, Entrepreneur and Author: I've been a flight attendant for 14 years. We're all used to the flight attendant, make sure that you have all your bags underneath the chair in front of you. Make sure your seat belt as buckle, make sure your seat back is up right. How many times have you heard a poem at 36,000 feet?

Today again, we fly. We enjoy the energy of the people at the port the hustle and bustle and excitement of going without thought. Moving from city to city amongst the skies, observing the beauty of nature as we fly. People from all around the world we meet, sharing unique and interesting conversations as we speak. See in your smiles again, without a mask, you begin to realize just how much COVID-19 has put us all through a task.

Today again, we fly, clear to close and ready to go we shout as we bring the world together without a doubt. Up, up and away we go as the mighty jet engines begin to roar. Today again, we fly, cruising at 36,000 feet in our office with wings as special guests such as you can't be beat. Yeah, that's right. 36,000 feet with air spin. And only for those who can handle the heat. Today again, we fly.

I usually say this point as we're making our final descent. The enjoyment that I get from the humanity of sharing that poem with everyone is when they break out into an applause. It's just an amazing feeling. Just define it. People really appreciate it that much. If all I do is serve you a drink you had a really good flight because what I'm training for, you don't want to see. My name is Derrick Fennell. And this is my Brief But Spectacular take on the miracle of flight.

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